Actions are "tasks" that we can perform within our commands. For example, if we wanted to change a user's nickname, we can do that with an action. They can be used in parallel with variables. Here are a list of available actions.

Action Name



Adds the specified role to the user. Can be either a role name or ID.


Removes the specified role from the user. Can be either a role name or ID.


Changes the user's nickname.


Creates a channel with the specified name.

Note that you will replace the placeholder with the actual value. So {addRole:role} will be {addRole:Test} For a role named test.

Example: Server Verification system

A common feature in a server is a verification command, where a user types a command to agree to the server rules, and they are given access to the rest of the server. With this command, we will remove the Unverified role, which hides all of the server channels, and assign a Verified role, so the user can see all of the server channels.

What this code tells us is that Mr.Fox should remove a role named Unverified, and add a role called Verified.

To test, let's create an Unverified role.

Now, we will run our agree command.

Let's check our roles now:

As you can see, our Unverified role was removed, and we now have a Verified role.