Creating Commands

Mr.Fox comes with an easy-to-use way to make your very own custom commands.

Ever wanted to create a bot command, but have no coding experience? Well it's your lucky day, then, because Mr.Fox makes the process a piece of cake. Mr.Fox allows you to create powerful, dynamic commands that are unique to your server, with no coding experience required. If you can read this documentation page, then you can create a command!

To begin, you will want to navigate to the Custom Commands page on your server dashboard. Then, click on the "New Command" button, and you will see a modal, like so:

  • Command Name - What you will use to call the command. Must be unique.

  • Command Description - A brief description of what the command does.

  • Response - What the command will say. More on this later.

  • Cooldown - How long the user will have to wait before using the command again.

  • Required Permissions - The permission that is required to use the command.

  • Delete Command after execution - Deletes the author's message after they run the command.

  • DM Command - Whether or not to send the result to the user's DM. If the DM fails, the command will not be executed, so keep that in mind.

We'll create a sample command, called "command", and we will return a simple message.

Once you add the command, navigate to your server channel, and type your prefix followed by the command name.

Great, now we can send a simple response to the user. But what if we want send something more personal, like the user's name? That's where variables come into play.