Enabling Packages

Each one of Mr.Fox's commands are split up into "Packages," which are simply a group of commands that have the same general purpose. For example, the ban, kick, and warn commands would fall into the Moderation package.

When you log into Mr.Fox for the first time and select your server, you will see a screen similar to this.

As you may notice, the majority of the packages are disabled. When you add Mr.Fox to a new server, all packages (with the exception of Core) are disabled, which allows you to pick and choose which commands you want.

Even if you are the server owner, any commands that are in a disabled package will not work. You must enable the package, then the command.

You Must send a message in your server channel first before attempting to enable a package. Otherwise, the packages will not cache.

Simply click the box for the package you want to enable, and boom! The package is enabled! Now we can move on to commands.