Permisions Structure

Mr.Fox does not utilize traditional Discord permissions. Instead, Mr.Fox utilizes his own set of permissions to verify that you are authorized to execute a command.

By default, all server owner permissions are immutable: They have all permissions and cannot be edited by anyone below them.

Permission overwrites work similarly to how Discord permission overwrites work, in which they have three states:

  • Neutral - Member does not have the permission, will not override other roles

  • Allowed - Member has the permission, will override a neutral permission

  • Denied - Member will not have the permission, will override both a neutral and allowed permission on another role

In other words, if a member has a role with a permission that is denied to them, that will override any roles with that permission allowed to them, which will also override a neutral permission.

Now that you know how permissions work, we can start adding them to our server members!